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Fiery Melanie Blake's dreams of a bright future with her fiancÚ are shattered when her wagon train is massacred by Utes and she saves a Cheyenne child's life. Handsome Indian scout, Chato, has no room in his bitter heart for love. Out on the prairie of The Colorado Territory their worlds collide. Torn between two worlds, can they find love? The answer awaits them "Under Cheyenne Skies."

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About the Author

I got the idea to write a romance novel from my husband. In response to my voracious romance reading habit. He joked one day, "Haven't you read enough of these books to write one yourself?" So I took up his challenge and my historical romance, UNDER CHEYENNE SKIES, is the result. Since I took my husband's suggestion, he now says he wishes he had suggested that I go out and win the lottery!

Born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, I grew up in Kearny, New Jersey. I graduated from Kearny High School and received a B.A. in education from Montclair University with a teaching certificate for grades 7-12, Spanish. A teacher and mother of three grown children, I presently live in New Jersey with my husband, Ed, my daughter, Kristy and two cats.

A long time member of both Romance Writers of America and New Jersey Romance Writers, I love writing historical romances especially those which feature Native Americans. I hope my readers will enjoy reading UNDER CHEYENE SKIES and will write to me at:

P.O. Box 125
Gillette, NJ 07933

e-mail me at:

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Reviewed by Gladys Fackler of ROMANTIC TIMES

"UNDER CHEYENNE SKIES begins with a bang and doesn't stop. In 1863, Indians attack Melanie's wagon train after the leader ignores the warning by an Indian scout. During the attack, Melanie risks her life to save a small Indian boy who is wandering idly amid the fight. It is only by this good deed that Melanie survives the attack. A few days later, Melanie and Little Arrow are in turn rescued by Chato, the scout.

These characters are well developed and the times are faithfully portrayed. As Melanie and Chato try to survive on the frontier, she discovers her attraction for this enigmatic man. Chato battles his feelings, for he despises the white man and his ways.

UNDER CHEYENNE SKIES is a must read if you enjoy a love story, an adventure tale or just a good book."


"Ms. Waznis has entered the romance world with a wonderful story. A touching first book filled with love, understanding of a different way of life, and a wonderful sense of history. Can't wait for her next!"

Marty McDermott (MNM) from RENDEZVOUS

"Have the tissues ready---this finely crafted story gets better as Melanie and Chato's love transcends the cultural differences between the Indians and the White Man. The wild rugged terrain of the Colorado Territory enhances this gripping tale. Don't miss this one--it's powerful, engrossing, and lingers in your mind long after the last page. Superb!"


"Delightful characters, touches of humor and a fascinating world filled with Native American ambiance, Under Cheyenne Skies is a beautiful love story you won't want to miss!" "The sensitive talent of Renee Waznis is breathtaking! Renee Waznis' love for the Native American culture adds sparkle to her work. Let's hope she plans more books about these wonderful people. Under Cheyenne Skies grabs your attention and never lets go!"

Reviewed by Tamara McHatton of RHAPSODY MAGAZINE

Plotline: "Renee Waznis is an exceptional author who laces her story with vivid details and heart wrenching bigotry. She does an excellent job of putting together a plot that is rich in color and feelings of the old west. Even when circumstances set about a series of events typically overdone, Ms. Waznis is able to come up with a fresh approach and leave the reader surprised.

Characters: Melanie Blake is one of the most endearing heroines I've seen to date. Open, vivacious, brave, and foolhardy, she is immediately loveable and realistic.

Her attraction to Chato, the Indian scout is not surprising. He's at once the attractive hero that makes the heart race faster. Potent, strong, and tender, his love for the white woman is without a doubt one of the most poignant I've ever seen. Their love is powerful, transcending the prejudices of our early history. More than once their emotions and feelings brought me to tears.

Writing Technique: Renee Waznis is an extremely talented writer with the ability to blend history and romance into a seamless treasure. She is able to make the reader aware of the indecisions Melanie and Chato face in the cruel world of our wild west, torn between their love for each other and their loyalty to their own people. Under Cheyenne Skies is sure to become a classic of Indian Romances and I look forward to more out of this remarkable author."

Reviewed by Sally Ann Barnes of INSCRIPTIONS:
3 1/2 STARS

"Under Cheyenne Skies" is a Native American historical romance sent in the mid-1800s in Colorado. White settlers move to the west and fierce battles are fought between the Native Americans and settlers.

The heroine, Melanie Blake, begins her travel west to wed her fiancé Jim Colter, only Utes attack her wagon train. She risks her life to save a small Indian boy, to the horror of some of her people.

The hero, Chato, is a Cheyenne brave who has been banished from his tribe. Chato is working for the army at Fort Benson when he finds Melanie and Little Arrow wandering in the wilderness. Melanie's love for the small Indian boy confuses Chato, as he is familiar only with people who think they are better than his people.

The brave and loving heart of Melanie catches Chato's attention and he fights his growing attraction for a "washichu." Chato takes Melanie and Little Arrow to the fort where Little Arrow is thrown into a prison cell and Melanie sees the bias her people have for the Indians. She takes matters into her own hands and steals Little Arrow from the prison, and they ride out into the night to look for his people.

Love can overcome all odds, from racism to cultural differences, as it eventually does for Melanie and Chato. Author Renee Waznis portrayed the racist feelings the two cultures had without bogging the reader down. The inner conflicts of the characters draw you in and will prick your conscience about your feelings toward different cultures. This is a good historical western to read and one I promise you won't be able to put down.

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